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Services which will distinguish your Hairdressing Salon

  1. Our hair colors do not damage hair or scalp. At the same time they are lasting, cover grey hair, lighten... You can have: Nutrilux 60 ml, Physiacolor 100 ml, Tierra 120 ml .
  2. Keratin treatment is designed for fluffing, frizzy, difficult to style hair.
  3. Innovative Hyaluronic MIST Treatment restores suppleness to hair which gives an impression that there are more hair and that they are lifted from the roots. The MIST treatment used directly on the scalp will help you get rid of: psoriasis, excess of sebum, dandruff, hypersensitivity and dryness.
  4. Argan oil is the basic ingredient of Argan Treatment. It effectively restores hair structure, moisturizes, adds shine. Your customers will be impressed by the hair quality, professional scalp massage and charming scents of cosmetics.
  5. LED Photo-therapy allows to effectively stop hair loss. This technology is non-invasive and without side effects.
  6. An essential change in the customer look is possible thanks to the introduction a curl, lift from the roots, change of direction of hair strips. Here you have Fuente Perm which allows to achieve natural curls without reducing hair quality.
  7. You will learn fashion cuts and coloring during training in Bologna. It costs 950 pln (flights, accomodation, food, seminar).

Cosmetics only for hairdressers


  • Voila Creme- UWAGA !!! POJEMNOŚĆ FARBY 100ml lub  60ml.
  • Nutrilux
  • Tierra
  • Tierra Colorcare
  • Physiacolor
  • Physiatone
  • LED
  • Color Excess
  • Demeral Elements
  • Tierra Organics
  • Demeral


  • Fuente
  • Hialuronowa kuracja MIST
  • Entir
  • Keratyna MagikBeauty
  • Il Magnifico
  • Fototerapia światłem LED
  • Intercosmo COLOR&SHINE
  • Olorchee
  • Demeral Professional Wash
  • Physia OE
  • Hairplexx
  • Argan Oil
  • Enjoil
  • Colourway
  • Voila


  • Fuente
  • Block Up
  • ECO
  • Intercosmo CREATE
  • Demeral Kynetik

Perming and straightening

  • Trwała Fuente


  • Voila
  • EKS
  • Hair Spa
  • Gabriel Professional